Pound, pound, pound...what is that sound?! One of our first time vendors will be making more noise than the others this year at our Anniversary event.  We can’t wait to welcome McAlisterville’s very own resident blacksmith, Varner’s Forge proprietor Rick Varner.  Rick will be bringing along some of his amazing pieces as well demonstrating his trade.  Need a dinner bell to summon the family? Or how about a unique knife?Maybe a campfire tripod?  You’ll need to to stop by to see what he brings!  While several trades deal with specialty metal working, including farriers, wheelwrights, and armorers, the blacksmith is kind of the jack of all these trades.  The blacksmith is a craftsman and an artist, able to create and repair many things, including weapons such as knives and swords, protective items like armor, and simple necessities like nails and chain.  So, stop on by, see a tradesman in action, and help us welcome Varner’s Forge to the Juniata Valley Winery. By the way,  you Friday Night Music fans may just want to pick up a stake to hold your wine glass on Friday nights!  :)
You can see some examples of Rick’s work on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/vfmetal


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