Hallowingzzz  What, you may ask, is “Hallowingzzz”? Definitely one of, if not the most unique vendor to join us for our Anniversary event. Hallowingzzz is a Juniata County based breeder of pet chickens and fowl.  Looking for some egg layers for a fresh breakfast? How about a few fancy feathered friends to decorate the yard?  What about some major tick control and a feathered alarm system? Or maybe you already have a flock and want to add something new?  Hallowingzzz has got you covered!  They offer turkeys, pigeons, chickens, and ticks’ worst nightmare- guinea fowl!  In addition, particular attention is paid to breeds like Silkies, Turkens (naked neck chickens), Old English Game Bantams, Sumatras, Frizzles and several others.  You can’t miss this vendor! Stop by to meet Hallowingzzz and some of their available chicks...You never know, maybe some music loving adult birds will be there too!  


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