Linda Rush, the artist and owner of Sands and Lace Pottery had a small town Pennsylvania Dutch upbringing. Linda was introduced to clay art and pottery while she was working as a middle school teacher and gymnastics coach in the eighties, when the art form allowed her a peaceful break.  Once she retired from teaching she was able to pursue her passion for pottery and sculpting, and so Sands and Lace was formed.  In addition to jewelry and decorative pieces-some of which even include texturing from her Grandma’s doilies- Linda creates functional stoneware finished with food safe glazes.  Currently residing in the Gulf Coast City of Sarasota, FL, Linda’s artwork is a mixture of Country/Modern with a beachy flair.  Be sure to stop by our Anniversary celebration on August 12, 2017 to help us welcome Linda and see what Sands and Lace Pottery has to offer!
You can also see some examples of her work on Facebook.


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